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Your Favorite Meats Grilled to Perfection

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About jonesnyourbonesbbq

Corey Jones is the owner and operator of jonesnyourbonesbbq located in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) of Minnesota. He was fortunate to grow up in a household where his parents and grandparents refused to let them go hungry.

His mother's favorite dish to make for them was quiche, while his father's favorite thing to prepare was chili or BBQ on the grill (which he also fed to the neighborhood). His grandmother's best quality when it comes to cooking was having the ability to cook from scratch.

Over the years, Corey has been able to take all of those great memories of cooking and combine them into one simple dream: to make people respectfully shut up and eat.

As a child, when he and his sister would say that they were hungry, they were told to go outside for a while and use their imaginations. Eventually, they would be called back in to wash their hands and faces before sitting at the table and praying over their food. The ironic part about that was when they would ask what it was on their plates, the adults’ response was always the same:

“You said you were hungry, right? Well, here's your food. Now shut up and eat.”

Afterward, without any more questions, he and his sister would do exactly that. Of course, each meal left a smile on their faces as they sat there and ate without saying a word.

Our Vision

Today, we would like to bring that same vision to your tables through jonesnyourbonesbbq BBQ. We use high-quality meats that allow us to slow-smoke them for many hours until they are tender, juicy, and fall-off-the-bone good. 

Our Mission

Feeding the world amazingly delicious smoked meat!

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